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Your savings is federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.


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Steps for Logging In

1. Click on the "ONLINE ACCESS" icon

2. Enter your user name (if you have not been set up by a CFCU employee please contact us to get your user name set up.)

3. Enter the default password 123456

4. You will then be asked to get a "one time" access code.  Choose either a phone call or text message to receive your code.  Your phone number must be on file in order for this feature to work.  *If you don't see the last 4 digits of a phone number you recognize please call 308-432-2588 for assistance.*

5. Before you are allowed access to your accounts you will need to choose a new password.  Follow the instructions for the password requirements.


*The one time access code is per ISP address.  If you use a home computer and a work computer to access your account you will need to get a code for each computer.  Also if your computer is set to delete all cookies at the end of a browsing session you will also need to get a new code every time  you try to log in.  If you have questions please call 308-432-2588 during business hours for assistance.


Password Problems

If you are locked out of your account due to inactivity or to many failed log in attempts please call 308-432-2588 for assistance in re-setting your password. 



How To Create A Transfer to Another Account

1. Click on "Account Transfers"

2. Choose "Enter Transfer"

3. Click "Manage Chadron Federal Credit Union Accounts"

4. Choose "Create A New Transfer Account"

5. Enter the account number you would like to be able to transfer money into

6. You must know the account holder last name and the suffix (S0, S9, S10 and so on) MUST be entered behind the account number. (EXAMPLE: 12345-S9)

7. Once you have entered the information click "Submit" and the account will be created.  Now you can go back to your "Enter Transfer" screen and the account will be available under your "To Account" selection.

8. The account you are transferring to must also be set up for online banking.  If you are having trouble please call us for assistance.

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